Accelerate your business results by more focused, shorter, carefully planned technology solutions.

Customers choose Generática consulting services for its consistent implementation approach to Big Data, BI or BPM ensuring your production process and projects are delivered in a rapid and organized manner with a clear return on your investment.

Our methodology brings value to the enterprise faster. Our production and development approach will bring results within weeks instead of years. Shorter implementation cycles reduce risk, target high priority needs and promote innovation. As we consistently deliver results; our clients view us as their technology partner of choice.

About Generática

Generática S.A. was created in 2005 to bring innovative consulting services to companies looking to improve their processes, project and resource management.

Generática, headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina brings an extensive expertise in a wide range of disciplines at the local, national and global levels.


Our experience combines the structure, discipline and demands of the most successful worldwide corporations of the IT industry, partnered with the pragmatism, agility and flexibility required by well established businesses like yours.


Generatica’s Management Team has more than 20 years experience in software engineering, project management and decision support; having managed hundreds of IT projects and production sites around the globe.