Covers all logistics processes of a freight terminal and storage.
SiGePo is integrated within an ecosystem of solutions for agribusiness and logistics.


Total Control Of Resources 
Stock, fixed assets, staff, information

Reduction In Product Losses
Automatic alarms, restrictions and authorization requirements online to
Perfect transactions that may involve loss of merchandise.

Quality Of The Process And The Resulting Product
Through the traceability of the operation and the standardization of
Parameters as business rules.

Optimization of Operating Times
Due to the implementation of business rules and reduction in staff

Collaboration Between Staff, Customers And Suppliers
Employing easy to use tools such as spreadsheets, pdf documents,
email, internal communication tools (sharepoint, blogs, intranet), as well as access from smartphones and tablets.

The optimal operation of a port requires total management tools. You can get:

Access To Information In Real Time
Online inventory, resource status, care pending activities. From any Device, such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks.
Reduction of Errors and Times
Due to manual data entry (thanks to income controls, the use of online Interfaces with other internal and external systems, and devices, such as scales, laboratory equipment, etc.).
Safety of Operations
By facilitating the security management, with user profile and Devices configuration.
Auditability of Processes for the Sustainability of the Operation
By facilitating access to auditors with appropriate safety rules.
Optimization of the Entire production chain
Reducing cost of information exchange with suppliers, customers, government agencies and third parties using interfaces (web services, databases, spreadsheets, business applications such as erp).
Paper reduction
Replacing it with the availability of information where it is needed, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

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