Smarter decisions at all levels


Predict the Future | Predictive analytics and Machine Learning

It takes from present and historical data to build an ever-changing model that informs and alerts the operator about opportunities to improve the current operation and scheduling.

Evaluates, alerts and suggests fraud with a parameter based learning model. It ranks truck, driver and product and suggests changes in real time to improve scheduling and queue time.


Harness the Present | Operational BI Just-in-time operational analytics

Complete truck and wagon logistics module with clear up to the minute KPIs and intuitive dash boarding. It allows the user to have a detailed and general view of the complete operation. Interactive scheduling management allows the operator not only to map and visualize truck and wagon activity but also interact with each unit. The truck interaction allows streamline total and individual process time on real time. With a bi-directional module the operator is able to communicate with the driver even before it arrives to the premises.


Understand the Past | Historical Analysis

Create an in-depth analysis of all historical events to find patterns and opportunities and to help improve long-term operations and revenue.  Whenever it is the last month or the last 5 years, the fully scalable data infrastructure will return results in record time thanks to the multi processing native architecture.  Unlimited data sources will create a reach environment to understand your business in a whole new way.